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    Tulsa Community College
  Sep 23, 2017
2017-2018 College Catalog 
2017-2018 College Catalog

Geology Associate in Science Degree

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Program Description

Geology is the scientific study of the earth. This endeavor includes Earth’s composition, history, surface processes and internal workings. A degree in geology will provide the graduate the skills to discover, recognize and use the earth’s natural resources to promote the quality of human life. Because the geologist will be aware of the events that continually shape the earth’s surface, the geology graduate will provide to society the knowledge to enable all of us to occupy this planet’s physical environment more safely.

For More Information Contact:
School of Science and Mathematics
Metro Campus:  (918) 595-7334

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program you will be able to:

  • Elaborate on concepts and theories related to Earth’s composition, internal processes, surface processes, and history.
  • Use the scientific method to evaluate data and solve geologic problems
  • Distinguish surface processes on topographic maps.
  • Identify common Earth materials and the processes instrumental in their formation.
  • Evaluate and analyze contemporary geologic problems including the implications of human activities on geologic resources.
  • Interpret geologic processes using underlying chemical properties and physical laws.
  • Utilize skills required for the study and interpretation of geological materials, history, and features.
  • Use geological processes and structures to determine changes in the Earth’s physical, climatological, and biological aspects
  • Describe the development of life on Earth and its relationship to Earth’s changing environments
  • Explain the geologic time scale and major Earth events.
  • Communicate geologic information, both orally and in written form, to diverse audiences.
  • Use terminology associated with geology.


Search careers related to Geology at TCC Career Explorer and visit TCC Career Services to learn more about our free career planning and job preparation services.

Student Organizations

Network with other science majors through participation in the Sci-π Club at the west campus.  For more information speak with your science professor or inquire at the Student Life office on campus.

Degree Requirements

View a semester-by-semester course plan of study and information on transferring this degree to other colleges and universities on the Geology Degree Map .

General Education Requirements Credit Hours: 34

Humanities 6 Hours

Required Electives 3 hours

  • Select three (3) credit hours from courses in Fine Arts (Art, Music, Theatre), Foreign Language, Psychology, or Social Sciences.

Specialized Course Requirements Credit Hours: 26

Total Credit Hours: 60

To receive an A.A. or A.S. Degree, students must demonstrate computer proficiency.

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