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2019-2020 College Catalog 
2019-2020 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication Arts & Technologies AA, Communication Option

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Program Description

The Associate of Arts in Communication option prepares students for a Baccalaureate degree exploring oral communication and related fields of study. Students in this program can explore topics such as interpersonal, small group, intercultural, nonverbal, public, rhetorical, broadcast and electronic media, strategic communications, and other topics of importance within academic and business settings. Graduates of the program enjoy careers in public relations, business management, public policy, law, corporate training, broadcast and electronic communication, strategic communication, among other communication - intensive careers and fields of study.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Communication Arts and Technologies degree plan provides integrated learning in written, oral, relational, and digital communication. TCC graduates will encounter academic and professional opportunities requiring a multidisciplinary background in communication arts and technologies. Graduates will:

  • Perform ethical, critical, creative, and effective oral communication.
  • Identify similarities and differences between oral communication and written, digital, mediated, and relational communication.
  • Contrast practical skills and theories of oral communication and interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, or small-group communication.
  • Evaluate similarities and differences among the various communication settings.

For More Information Contact:
School of Liberal Arts & Communication
Southeast Campus:  (918) 595-7694


Search careers in the area of Communication at TCC Career Explorer and visit TCC Career Services to learn more about our free career planning and job preparation services.

Degree Requirements

View a semester-by-semester course plan of study and information on transferring this degree to other colleges and universities on the Communication Arts & Technologies Degree Map.  

General Education Requirements Credit Hours: 36

Humanities 6 hours

Mathematics 3 hours

Science 7 hours

See the General Education Requirements  for the course list.  One course must be a laboratory science (L).

General Education Recommended Electives 2 hours

General Education Required Electives 3 hours

Select three (3) credit hours from courses in Fine Arts (Art, Music, Theatre), Foreign Language, Psychology, or Social Sciences.

Specialized Course Requirements Credit Hours: 24

Total Credit Hours: 60

To receive an A.A. or A.S. degree, students must demonstrate computer proficiency.
Physical education activity courses do not count toward the graduation requirements for this degree.

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